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Hekhsher - Rabbi Jason Miller - Kosher MichiganKosher Michigan (KM) was founded in 2008 by Rabbi Jason Miller to promote the observance of kashrut (the Jewish dietary laws) through the supervision and certification of select institutions, vendors and products that meet strict standards. KM is endorsed by the International Rabbinical Assembly and under the rabbinic advisement of Rabbi Joel Roth, a world renown kashrut expert. Kosher Michigan employs kosher supervisors (mashgichim) who are both Orthodox and Conservative. Rabbi Miller seeks to increase the availability of kosher bakeries, restaurants, food vendors and products as well as to keep the cost of kosher products at affordable prices. KM is committed to the local marketplace, but its certification is not limited to Michigan businesses.

Did you know that research shows that a kosher-certified product receives a more favorable shelf space and outsells a non-certified product by 20%?

Did you know that 80% of kosher consumers are not Jewish. People purchase kosher food for health, lifestyle & dietary reasons?

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Kosher Michigan at KOSHER FESTNEWS: KM was an exhibitor at the 25th anniversary of Kosherfest this year. Kosherfest is the world’s largest kosher-certified products trade show and annual meeting place for the industry’s top supermarket, restaurant and foodservice buyers.  Attendees to Kosherfest represent a broad spectrum of the industry, from chain and independent restaurants, caterers and specialty markets, to grocery/supermarket, big box and club chains, independent retailers, manufacturing ingredient buyers, distributors and buying agents, among many other industry professionals. More than 325 exhibitors from around the world will be exhibiting thousands of certified products and services for the kosher market at Kosherfest and there will be more than 6,000 industry professionals in attendance.

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