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Research shows that a kosher-certified product receives a more favorable shelf space and outsells a non-kosher product by 20% and 80% of kosher consumers are not Jewish. People purchase kosher food for health, lifestyle & dietary reasons.

Kosher Michigan is eager to certify new businesses that meet our standards. Contact Rabbi Jason Miller, Kosher Michigan’s Director, to discuss the process of kosher certification.

What are the benefits of being kosher certified?

The kosher designation has been the leading classification for new food and drink products in the United States since 2005. In 2008, certified kosher foods sales totaled $12.5 billion and 28% of new food and drink products had the kosher certification.

Survey Respondent’s Reasons for Buying Kosher Certified Products:

Quality: 62% | Health: 51% | Safety: 34%

Eighty percent of kosher consumers are not Jewish. People of all faiths are purchasing kosher food for health and safety reasons. Additionally, people are purchasing kosher food for lifestyle and dietary reasons such as vegan, vegetarian, and lactose-free.

Research also shows that a kosher certified product will receive a more favorable shelf space and outsell a non-kosher product by 20%.

There over 400,000 kosher-certified products in the United States and the number grows on a daily basis. Kosher Michigan can help you achieve kosher certification so that you can compete in this growing market.



55% – health and safety
38% – vegetarians
16% – eat halal
35% – taste or flavor
16% – guidelines used in production
8% – good products
8% – keep kosher all the time
8% – looking for vegetarian products, either for religious or dietary reasons

(Note: Respondents gave multiple answers in the 2003, 2005, and 2009 studies)



American Jewish Population: close to 6 million

The number of kosher consumers in the US: 12,100,000

Percentage of Americans who either regularly or occasionally purchase kosher products because they are kosher: 21%
Number of year-round Kosher Jewish Consumers: 1,300,000
Total Number of Muslims and Other religions eating kosher products: 3,500,000
Number of Kosher Products in US Supermarkets: 125,000
Number of Kosher Producing Companies and plants: 10,650



Dollar Value of Kosher Market: $12.5 billion
Dollar Value of Kosher Produced Goods – USA: $305 billion
Dollar Value of Kosher Ingredients Sold in the USA: $370 billion

Average Annual Growth (2005-2008): 15%
Growth June 2008 – June 2010: 10%


Obtaining kosher certification is easy & affordable

1. Kosher Michigan will review information about your business to determine kosher applicability and explain kosher standards.

2. A fee quotation will be provided. Upon acceptance, a contract identifying the responsibilities of each party will be signed.

3. Kosher Michigan will visit your facility to review your ingredients, preparation process, and work areas.

4. Kosher Michigan will help you educate your employees and correct any non-conformances to the kosher standards and certification contract.

5. Upon successfully meeting the kosher standards, a letter of certification will be issued and you will be given the Kosher Michigan label for your products.

6. Kosher Michigan will conduct random, unannounced visits to ensure compliance with the kosher standards.

Learn how to make your restaurant, bakery, or food product kosher today by contacting Rabbi Jason Miller.