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Rabbi Joel Roth

Rabbi Joel Roth

December 2009

To whom it may concern:

Rabbi_Joel_Roth - Kosher ExpertI write this letter to endorse the kashrut certification of Rabbi Jason Miller (Kosher Michigan).

Rabbi Miller was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, where I serve as a senior member of the faculty and oversee the kosher standards of the institution. He worked in the Seminary’s kitchen and cafeteria as a mashgiach (kosher supervisor), ensuring the highest level of kashruth.

Three years after his ordination from JTS, when Rabbi Miller was hired by Tamarack Camps to serve as the camping agency’s rabbi and kosher supervisor, he returned to study privately with me. His advanced studies in the laws of kashrut and hashgacha (kosher supervision) allow me to endorse his certification of restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and individual food products.

As a widely acknowledged expert in the field of kashrut, I have also made myself available to Rabbi Miller for consultation.

As Rabbi Miller’s teacher and as a native of the Metro Detroit Jewish community, I take great pride in the work he is doing to establish more kosher options in Michigan.


Rabbi Joel Roth
Professor of Talmud
Jewish Theological Seminary

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