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Douglas Cale – Birmingham Chocolate Factory (Schakolad)

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Douglas Cale – Birmingham Chocolate Factory (Schakolad)

Posted on: May 20th, 2015 by Kosher Michigan

Douglas Cale - Birmingham Chocolate Schakolad“I work with Rabbi Jason Miller and Kosher Michigan because it is a collaboration, not the usual uni-directional service provider relationship.

In addition to the kosher certification, Rabbi Jason makes the extra effort to add value to my business by sharing connections and web social promotion.

He can always be relied upon for pragmatic certification guidance and creative business ideas. Always a pleasure to work with Kosher Michigan.”

Doug Cale, Owner
Birmingham Chocolate / Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Birmingham, Michigan (Detroit)

Rabbi Asher Lopatin

Posted on: September 6th, 2011 by Kosher Michigan


Rabbi_Asher_LopatinMagnolia Bakery at 108 N. State Street, right across from Macy’s, has just opened its doors and is certified by Kosher Michigan, a supervision agency headed by Rabbi Jason Miller. Even though the Kosher Michigan label is based in Detroit, I am thrilled that Magnolia is under the direct hashgacha (supervision) of Will Kaplowitz, a member of Anshe Sholom and someone whom I trust fully. I have concluded that Magnolia Bakery in Chicago fully meets the Kashrut standards of the Anshe Sholom community. All the products should be considered dairy, and may be enjoyed at the bakery or at home.

Magnolia is a chain that standardizes all of its products and ingredients, and the five Los Angeles stores are under the top-notch supervision of the Rabbinical Council of California. Those same ingredients are used at the Chicago bakery. Will has checked out everything in the Magnolia bakery in Chicago, and he confirms that every ingredient is under strict rabbinical supervision, including the hot drinks (with the exception of unflavored coffee and plain cocoa powder, neither of which need supervision). All dishes and utensils in the bakery were bought new and were never used before it opened as a kosher institution. In Los Angeles, as in Chicago, Magnolia is open on Saturdays. However, there is no issue eating Magnolia’s products (at any time when the eating of chametz is permissible) because Jews are not doing the baking, and they are not baking on Shabbat for Jews in particular.

I have met with Rabbi Miller, and reviewed with him the strict contract he has with the bakery. The contract forbids the bakery from mixing any outside ingredients with the products they sell, and requires employees to keep personal food away from the kitchen or baking area. Even though Kosher Michigan has been supervising kosher institutions in the Detoit area for four years already, in Chicago it is a new supervision.  I am impressed by both Rabbi Miller’s sincerity and earnestness, and his willingness to consult Orthodox authorities on halachic issues (he himself has ordination from JTS). It means a lot that his mashgiach on site is one of our most respected members, who is knowledgeable, observant, and in close contact with me. I will continue to be in touch with Rabbi Miller and Will to constantly confirm the reliability of this new supervision.

To reiterate, at this time, Magnolia Bakery in Chicago fully meets the standards of Kashrut of our community here in Lakeview. Please note that Ashkenazic Jews are strict about only eating Pat Yisrael – Jewish baked breads – between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. Since the baked foods in the bakery are baked by non-Jews, one should wait until after Yom Kippur to eat their products. After Yom Kippur, I would personally eat their products, both in the store and take out.

Gmar chatima tova,

Rabbi Asher Lopatin

Rabbi Joel Roth

Posted on: December 1st, 2009 by Kosher Michigan

December 2009

To whom it may concern:

Rabbi_Joel_Roth - Kosher ExpertI write this letter to endorse the kashrut certification of Rabbi Jason Miller (Kosher Michigan).

Rabbi Miller was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, where I serve as a senior member of the faculty and oversee the kosher standards of the institution. He worked in the Seminary’s kitchen and cafeteria as a mashgiach (kosher supervisor), ensuring the highest level of kashruth.

Three years after his ordination from JTS, when Rabbi Miller was hired by Tamarack Camps to serve as the camping agency’s rabbi and kosher supervisor, he returned to study privately with me. His advanced studies in the laws of kashrut and hashgacha (kosher supervision) allow me to endorse his certification of restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and individual food products.

As a widely acknowledged expert in the field of kashrut, I have also made myself available to Rabbi Miller for consultation.

As Rabbi Miller’s teacher and as a native of the Metro Detroit Jewish community, I take great pride in the work he is doing to establish more kosher options in Michigan.


Rabbi Joel Roth
Professor of Talmud
Jewish Theological Seminary

Rabbinical Assembly of Michigan

Posted on: April 7th, 2008 by Kosher Michigan

April 7, 2008
2 Nisan 5768

To whom it may concern:

Rabbi_Steven_Rubenstein_MichiganOn behalf of the Michigan Region of the Rabbinical Assembly, I am writing to voice our support for Tamarack Camps and its dedication to kashrut for its camps.

As executive director, Jonah Geller has worked energetically during his tenure to maintain the kashrut of Tamarack and to enhance the Judaic spirit of camp. We believe that the recent hiring of Rabbi Jason Miller as Rav HaMakhshir for camp is an expression for the camp’s dedication to kashrut for Camp Tamarack. Rabbi Miller’s experience and dedication to the laws and standards of kashrut will ensure that the high standards of kashrut that have been present at the camp in the past will continue. Rabbi Miller’s past experience as a mashgiah at the Jewish Theological Seminary and his planned study with Rabbi Joel Roth give Rabbi Miller the proper background for this work. We are pleased that Rabbi Miller also plans to take part in the Rav HaMakhshir program of the Rabbinical Assembly to increase his knowledge and skills in regard to serving in this position.

Tamarack has made a positive and important statement about its dedication to kashrut in its hiring of Rabbi Miller. We wish Tamarack Camps much success in its continued mission of providing Jewish camping opportunities to the children and families of greater Detroit.

The Michigan Region of the Rabbinical Assembly looks forward to working with Tamarack Camps for many years to come.


Rabbi Steven Rubenstein
President, Michigan Region-Rabbinical Assembly