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Kosher Certification That Is Quick and Affordable

Since 2008, Kosher Michigan has made earning kosher certification quick, easy and affordable. This what makes Kosher Michigan unique in the kosher certification marketplace. Kosher Michigan provides food companies all over the world with affordable, trusted and accepted kosher certification. We meet the kosher industry standards and ensure that the entire process is a good experience.

Kosher Michigan is a professionally run kosher certification agency and we treat you as a professional. Kosher Michigan’s pledge is to treat everyone with respect and compassion. Kosher Michigan has established itself as a trusted and accepted kosher certification agency by always acting professionally and explaining the kosher certification process to our potential partners.

We are ultra-responsive to your company’s needs and Kosher Michigan will make the process of becoming kosher certified understandable and feasible.


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Why Should Your Company Become Kosher Certified?

The kosher market is the fastest-growing segment of the food industry — valued at $13 billion and expanding by more than 10 percent each year. Placed side-by-side on the shelf, kosher products sell 20% better than competing non-kosher brands!

3 of 5 shoppers buy kosher for higher quality and increased food safety. Having your products certified kosher indicates they have undergone rigorous inspections and have been produced with the highest standards of kosher values.

The laws of kosher satisfy the religious dietary laws of one-fifth of the world’s population. Jews, Muslims and many other faithful worldwide buy kosher to fulfill their religious obligations.

People with health restrictions, such as food allergies, buy kosher because the certification process ensures that nothing that is not supposed to be in a product has been included.

Talk to Rabbi Jason Miller today to learn why displaying the Kosher Michigan (KM) kosher symbol on your food products is a top marketing strategy and will lead to increased sales.