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Rabbi Jason Miller founded Kosher Michigan in 2008 when he was serving as the year-round Rabbi and kosher supervisor of Tamarack Camps, a large Jewish camping agency, which includes a conference center, outpost camps, travel trips and a 1200-camper residential summer camp.

Rabbi Miller founded Kosher Michigan in order to offer more kosher options in his hometown Jewish community of Metro Detroit. Rabbi Miller writes and speaks extensively about the kosher food industry and the need for ethics in kosher certification. A graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, he served as a mashgiach (kosher supervisor) in the Seminary’s kitchens and has studied the laws of kosher supervision privately with kashrut expert Rabbi Joel Roth.

Read Rabbi Jason Miller’s article “Ending Kosher Nostra: Bringing Sanity to the Kosher Industry,” which was published in the Huffington Post, the Detroit Jewish News, and in dozens of other publications around the world.

Rabbi Jason Miller of Kosher Michigan certification agency