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Kosher Michigan currently provides kosher certification to the following businesses. To inquire about kosher certification for your restaurant, bakery, shop, or food product, contact Rabbi Jason Miller here.

Windmill Hill Farm Honey

Honey Producers – Pareve
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1686 Sheridan Line
Croswell, Michigan 48422

Windmill Hill Farm is a small family owned and operated farm specializing in bee products such as honey, mead and beeswax. We have 500 hives and produce approximately 30,000 pounds of honey annually! Our fledgling apple orchard has just begun to bear fruit. We rent our fields to local farmers who grow beans, wheat, corn and beets. The farm includes two 30 acre tracts of forests, 190 acres of crop land (soy beans, corn, wheat, or beets) and another 40 acres of fields, buildings, etc. There are two ponds and an acre of swamp. And, of course, there’s the windmill atop its hill.

Certification Letter

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