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Kosher Michigan currently provides kosher certification to the following businesses. To inquire about kosher certification for your restaurant, bakery, shop, or food product, contact Rabbi Jason Miller here.

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Chic Naturals Dry Roasted Chickpeas in Maui, Hawaii were created as a result of a family health crisis that required a total change in diet and the need to find a wholesome healthy great tasting snack that would not only be enjoyable, but also allow us to feel satisfied after we have eaten. Chic Naturals Chickpeas are Gluten Free and always dry roasted with absolutely nothing added to achieve a perfect crunchy texture. Chic Naturals snacks are available as All Natural Dry Roasted Chickpeas so you can include them in your own recipes and dishes or you can choose from our selection of flavored chickpea snacks, which are coated with our own specialty blends of spices & herbs.

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