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Kosher Michigan currently provides kosher certification to the following businesses. To inquire about kosher certification for your restaurant, bakery, shop, or food product, contact Rabbi Jason Miller here.

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Alwan is a vegan, halal, kosher, and cruelty -free cosmetic line. It is handmade, and the majority of our wholesalers are in the United States. We are launching with our Botanical skin care, lipstick and nail polish line Winter 2014. We begin our line with Detroit and Michigan themed items, and based on sales, will name more commemorative products after prominent things/locations in other cities and states. Future products will include foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lip liner, accessories and other forms of cosmetic. Our Mission Statement: Alwan cosmetics will “Aspire to Inspire” with hues of life to help nurture your inner beauty and outer glow. Hailing out of Detroit, Michigan; Halal, Vegan Kosher, & cruelty -free cosmetics.

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